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Eyes of Wisdom - Small Steps to Transform your Life

What does it take to transform your life to the better?

Just by reading any book, or taking any course, or even by listening to wise people; None of that will improve your life. However, by applying the knowledge and taking the action, you have the power to change your life! And what’s even better to change the lives of people around you. Knowing something is not enough. Knowing what you should do is not enough. You have to use what you do. It’s time to take action, to put into practice a new approach that focuses on results and measurable improvement. Visualize your outcome. Imagine the steps to get you there. Make a list. Take a first step, and another and another, even small steps count. Check mark the steps you have taken and celebrate every progress. Self development is an ongoing journey.

This book is designed to help you grow in confidence and self awareness and equip you to take a starring role in your own life.

Be the best version of yourself. Feel optimistic everyday. Move towards the life you really want to live.
Author: Dina Emissary
Year of Publication : 2019

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الدار المصرية اللبنانية